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Here’s a little effort from Beyond Bracket to giveback to the society around the world by contributing in any cause that make human life better in the form of non-profit or charitable activities.

CSR 2024

Call for submission of applications for charity service

As the top web development company in Bangladesh, at Beyond Bracket Ltd. we are running charity every year as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR). The charity program is applicable to organizations worldwide who work for humanity and building a better sustainable future for next gen. Since we are a company specialized on web development, our CSR activities are categorized on services aligned with web development. For the year 2024 we have planned to serve our expertise on three (3) categories for three (3) different organizations. Categories are:

I. Web Development
III. Motion Graphics

We are welcoming applications from any humanitarian/non-profit organizations around the world on following three categories.

T & C- Beyond Bracket Ltd. will finalize the list based on applications and reserves all rights to select any.

Apply Now For Charity Service

Previous CSR Grantees

Website Development Service for Gidree Bawlee
As part of our CSR program, in the year 2023 we provided our website development service as charity for Gidree Bawlee foundation of arts, a non-profit and multidisciplinary organization. Gidree Bawlee is a community-based arts organization that operates various creative programs and research in the village of Balia in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. Beyond Bracket Ltd. is proud to be a part of their journey by contributing to website development.