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About Us

who we are

Beyond Bracket, a private limited company listed with RJSC Bangladesh, is a software and web development agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We differentiate ourselves from similar enterprises by the way we treat people – internal and external people. Beyond Bracket is a people first company because we put our people who work for us (internal people) and the clients and prospects (external people) above all. We believe in success and actualization via people satisfaction – employees and customers.

To achieve our business goals, we’re uncompromising in listening and serving our customers to the extent of keeping their dissatisfaction to zero. In the same way, we at Beyond Bracket always understand our internal people’s comforts and benefits as much as we afford to entertain. There’s no letting off in the effort of empathizing with our clients and employees.

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Why Choose Us

Simply put, there’s three reasons why our dear partners choose us:


We always deliver products that are built using the latest updates available applicable to the framework or tech.


No compromise with quality regardless of budget and timeframe. We won’t receive a proposal if it seems that there’s a chance of under delivery due to any kind of variables.


Lastly, you’re always refundable if you don’t find the final product short of the contract by any margin.

Our Vision
We’re determined to build a software and web development company for our people – internal and external to the extent that nobody leaves our door unsmiled.
Our Mission
We are on a mission to create a humane and fearless environment for our internal people while we always try to put ourselves in the place of our valued customers in every step of the services we offer to deliver flawless products at the best price.

Key Team Members


Samsuzzaman Riton

CEO & Lead Digital Marketing

Our one of client

Ehsanur Rahman

Company Attorney & New York Representative

Our team mate

Masud Chowdhury

Lead Developer

Graphics team mate

Obedullah Al Shayem

Lead Graphic Designer

Samsuzzaman Riton

CEO & Lead Digital Marketing

Nooruz Zaman - New York Representative - Beyond Bracket Ltd.
Nooruz Zaman

New York Representative

Our one of client
Ehsanur Rahman

Legal Advisor & New Representatiive

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