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Full Stack WordPress Development

#1 Full Stack WordPress Development Agency in Bangladesh

WordPress has become the most popular content management system in the world, now powering over 43% of all websites. With its open-source nature, ease of use, and extensive capabilities, WordPress has revolutionized the way people and businesses create websites. This meteoric rise in popularity has led to an explosion in demand for expert WordPress developers and Full Stack WordPress Development agencies around the world.

According to recent statistics, there are over 55,000 WordPress development agencies worldwide as of 2022. The WordPress economy was valued at $6 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $12.8 billion by 2025. Much of this growth is being fueled by small and medium-sized businesses increasingly turning to WordPress to power their online presence.

WooCommerce Website Development Service - Beyond Bracket Ltd.
WooCommerce Website Development Service – Beyond Bracket Ltd.

In the past few years, Bangladesh has emerged as a hub for IT and software development. The country is home to a skilled community of over 15,000 WordPress developers and over 1,000 WordPress agencies offering Full Stack WordPress Development services. The demand for WordPress sites in Bangladesh has grown by over 200% since 2019. Bangladeshi WordPress developers are renowned for their quality work and cost-competitiveness.

In this blog post, I aim to highlight the top WordPress development companies in Bangladesh that are catering to this rapidly growing market. These agencies are keeping up with the latest WordPress trends and delivering exceptional services and support to their clients. The blog will analyze their technical capabilities, market reputation, quality of work, and other factors that make them the leading WordPress development partners in the country. 

Whether you are looking to develop a new website or revamp an existing one, partnering with the right WordPress agency specializing in Full Stack WordPress Development can help bring your online vision to life.

What is a Full Stack Web Development service?

Full stack web development refers to the services a developer or agency provides that can cover all aspects of building a fully functional web application, from front to back.

In a full stack model, the developers build both the frontend and backend portions of an app or website. The frontend consists of the user-facing portions like the UI, design, and interactive features. The backend includes the server, database, API, and application logic that powers the site.

Full stack developers have skills in frontend languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as backend languages like PHP, Python, Node.js, etc. This allows them to build the client-side and server-side code of an application.

Types of Web Development Services

Types of Web Development Services

WordPress Web Development Service

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems used for building websites and blogs. It powers over 43% of all websites worldwide currently.

Some key facts about WordPress:

  • Ideal for content-focused sites like blogs, news websites, and small business websites. Its CMS features simplify creating and managing content.
  • Works for sites that don’t require complex custom programming. Out-of-the-box features and plugins support most website needs.
  • Over 60,000 plugins and thousands of themes are available to extend functionality. Allows customization for different site requirements.
  • Currently powers over 455 million websites worldwide across different industries. Ideal for personal sites to Fortune 500 company sites.
  • Easy for users/owners to update content. User-friendly dashboard and theming options.
  • The active global community provides support. Lots of documentation is available.
  • Cost-effective and quick to develop compared to custom coding. Allows launching MVP websites faster.

In summary, WordPress is a great fit for bloggers, content publishers, small businesses, and other simple website needs. The wide selection of plugins and themes makes it customizable for many use cases without advanced coding required. It’s a cost-effective way to launch websites quickly compared to custom development.

Laravel Web Development Service

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework used for building custom web applications. It is a good fit for complex, enterprise-level web apps.

Some key facts about Laravel:

  • Ideal for building robust web apps with advanced functionality, complex workflows, and heavy traffic. Provides structured MVC framework.
  • Good for apps needing backend administrative features like user management, permissions, CRUD functionality, etc.
  • Object-oriented libraries and modular packaging systems allow for extendable code.
  • An expressive migrations system makes evolving database schema easy over time.
  • Built-in support for unit testing leads to more reliable, bug-free code.
  • Utilized by companies like Netflix, Cisco, BBC, etc for their web apps. Powers over 1 million websites worldwide.
  • Has a steep learning curve compared to other frameworks. Developers need strong PHP and MVC knowledge.
  • Laravel sites take more time and expertise to develop than say WordPress sites. But Laravel builds more complex, customizable web apps.

In summary, Laravel is best suited for large enterprises needing to build custom web applications with complex backends and workflows. The robust framework facilitates the creation of scalable and secure web apps.

Shopify Web Development Service

Shopify is an e-commerce platform used to build online stores and sell products/services through websites. It powers over 1.7 million businesses worldwide.

Some key facts about Shopify:

  • Ideal for small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses selling products or services online. Simplifies setting up online stores.
  • A hosted solution means less technical overhead vs custom development. Shopify handles hosting, security, and scaling.
  • Mobile-optimized themes and integrated payment/shipping options. Focused on online selling capabilities.
  • Allows quick launch of online store MVPs. Large app store and theme marketplace for extensions.
  • Liquid-based theming and templating language for customization. Requires developers to know Liquid.
  • Shopify handles the backend – inventory, cart, and checkout. However additional dev work is needed for advanced customization.
  • Businesses can start with basic Shopify plans and then scale to more advanced tiers over time.

In summary, Shopify removes a lot of the development overhead of building online stores. Ideal for SMB e-commerce businesses to sell products quickly online. The platform’s capabilities handle the core selling functionality.

Node.js Development Service

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 engine used for building fast, scalable web applications.

Key facts about Node.js:

  • Ideal for building real-time, data-intensive applications like chat apps, streaming services, etc.
  • The event-driven, non-blocking I/O model makes it lightweight and efficient.
  • Perfect for IO-intensive apps needing high traffic and low latency like APIs, microservices, etc.
  • Allows using JavaScript on the front end and back end. Results in faster, more unified web development.
  • Has access to the huge npm repository of open-source Node modules/packages.
  • Often used for traditional web servers, but also used for desktop apps, IoT devices, etc.
  • Powers websites like Netflix, LinkedIn, and eBay along with developer tools like Nodemon, Yarn, etc.
  • Used by large enterprises to Fortune 500 companies for its speed, scalability, and efficiency.

Exact estimates vary, but Node.js likely powers over 1 million live websites and web applications globally based on adoption trends. The number continues growing rapidly as companies use it for increasingly complex web projects.

React Development Service

React is an open-source JavaScript library for building interactive user interfaces and web application frontends.

Key facts about React:

  • Ideal for building complex, dynamic web app frontends that need to render data efficiently and update frequently.
  • The component-based architecture promotes reusability and modularity of UI code.
  • The use of a virtual DOM makes rendering very fast compared to traditional DOM manipulation.
  • Often used for building single-page applications and frontend-heavy sites with lots of UI interactions.
  • Frequently used with other libraries/frameworks like React Native for mobile, Next.js for server-side rendering, etc.
  • Powers web apps for companies like Netflix, Reddit, Uber, Airbnb, Instagram, and more.
  • React developer community is very strong. Lots of reusable UI components and libraries are available.
  • The learning curve is steeper than basic front-end web development. Advanced JavaScript skills are required.

Exact user statistics are hard to find, but React likely powers hundreds of thousands if not millions of sites worldwide and its popularity continues to grow rapidly.

Why Choose WordPress Web Development Service?

Why Choose WordPress Web Development Service?

Among all the web development services, WordPress offers the best combination of ease of use, customization, and affordability compared to other web development options:

  • Unlike custom frameworks like Laravel or Node.js, WordPress requires no coding to create sites with standard features. Its drag-and-drop editor and themes enable easy content creation for non-technical users.
  • The sheer volume of plugins (60,000+) and themes (thousands) allows customizing WordPress sites for diverse needs, still without the coding expertise required. Options tailored for blogs, e-commerce, social networks, etc.
  • Setup and hosting of WordPress sites can be done cheaply through managed WordPress hosting providers starting at around $5/month. Provides a very low barrier to launching an online presence.
  • WordPress dominates with a 43% market share of all websites for a reason – it can serve needs ranging from personal blogs to enterprise sites, all while being user-friendly.
  • For more advanced custom needs, WordPress’ open API and web standards base allows developers to build custom solutions. However, coding is optional for standard sites.
  • The widespread adoption means abundant tutorials, guides, and a large community for assistance. Support is readily available for both users and developers.

While services like Shopify may be better for pure e-commerce, and React better for UIs requiring advanced interactivity, WordPress offers the best overall balance of ease-of-use and customizability at affordable costs for most general website needs.

Popular Brands Choosing WordPress

Here are some popular WordPress sites and stats on how choosing WordPress has benefited them:

TechCrunch – One of the leading technology sites with over 39.7 million monthly visitors. Being on WordPress allows them to update content rapidly to stay on top of the latest tech news. Their site loads in under 0.9 seconds on average thanks to WordPress optimization.

The New Yorker – Prestigious magazine with a WordPress site receiving over 20 million monthly views. WordPress gives its journalists an intuitive CMS to publish content. Also, 75% of their traffic comes from mobile devices, something WordPress sites excel at supporting.

Sony – Their WordPress site connects their products to over 67 million monthly visitors. The content management and scalability have allowed them to unify over 80 international Sony sites into one global site available in 18 languages.

BBC America – Reaches over 5.7 million viewers a month. WordPress empowers its editorial staff to broadcast news rapidly. The stats show page load times under 0.4 seconds. Also, plugins facilitate content distribution on social and third-party sites.

How to Pick the Perfect Full Stack WordPress Development Partner?

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Choosing the right WordPress web development agency is crucial to the success of your project. Rather than just evaluating technical skills, you also want to look at the agency holistically and ensure they align well with your internal team’s culture and preferred ways of working.

Start off assessing their level of expertise across the WordPress platform, examining factors like their years specializing in WordPress builds, examples from portfolio sites relevant to your industry, experience optimizing high-traffic sites, and how they stay current on new WordPress capabilities. You want to get a sense that they deeply understand how to strategically leverage WordPress tools for business goals.

From there, dive into specifics around development quality – how they approach security, scalability, integrations with APIs and other platforms, speed optimization, etc. Technical excellence is key, but also evaluate their service model – do they offer comprehensive guidance beyond just development such as design strategy, post-launch support plans, and content help? What about their project management process?

Make sure to gather client testimonials and case studies. Past reviews can demonstrate not just dev skills, but their communication styles and problem-solving alignment. Finally, ensure the budget and timelines seem reasonable for your scope. But don’t make price the priority factor – skill level often correlates to higher resourcing for a reason.

Finding the right blend of technical excellence, strategic vision, and collaborative culture makes all the difference in executing complex WordPress projects. Evaluate across these criteria to find the agency fit for long-term partnership success.

What About Choosing Beyond Bracket?

Beyond Bracket Ltd. is a web development company that offers custom web development services at an affordable price. They design and develop intelligent, innovative, and sustainable websites, mobile apps, and services for SMEs, startups, and new businesses. Their services include fast delivery, high-quality graphics, flawless web content, basic on-page SEO, and more. 

Beyond Bracket also offers effective digital marketing services to help businesses generate more leads, build trust with their audience, and increase sales and conversions. Beyond Bracket Ltd. has a team of expert developers who can deliver projects in a short time. 

To ensure that our client’s needs are met, Beyond Bracket Ltd. works closely with them to understand our clients’ business requirements and goals. We provide customized solutions that are tailored to meet clients’ specific needs.

When it comes to web development services, Beyond Bracket Ltd. follows a comprehensive work structure, which includes the following steps:

1. Understanding client requirements: Our company works closely with our clients to understand their business needs and goals and provide customized solutions that meet those needs.

2. Design and development: Beyond Bracket Ltd. has a team of experienced developers who specialize in website development. We create custom websites that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

3. Testing and launch: The company tests the website to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Once testing is complete, We will launch the website.

4. Maintenance and support: Beyond Bracket Ltd. offers maintenance and support services to ensure that the website continues to function correctly after launch. We will also provide training on how to use the website to your needs.

Full Stack WordPress Development Services Offered by Beyond Bracket 

Types of Businesses Beyond Bracket Served

  • Interior Design Industry
  • E-commerce Business
  • Student Visa Processing Business
  • Import & Export Business
  • Corporate Consultancy Business
  • International Trading Business
  • Online Course Platform and more.

Want to Save Money on Development?

Want to build an incredible website at a reasonable price? Look no further than Bangladesh’s premier WordPress agency—Beyond Bracket.

As the #1 company specializing in Full Stack WordPress Development, Beyond Bracket offers unrivaled expertise in creating fast, modern, and budget-friendly websites, especially for startups seeking to make an online impact. With every web or app build, our goal is to give young companies a huge competitive edge.

But our experience isn’t the only difference maker. Beyond Bracket differs from the crowded WordPress marketplace by providing bespoke service tailored directly to each client’s specific goals. From the first call to launch, your success remains at the center – not just in budget-friendliness, but our full-service model encompasses strategy, UX design, programming, SEO, security, hosting, maintenance, and guidance on online marketing to maximize your presence and fuel rapid growth.

When leveraging intuitive, flexible WordPress technology, the platform is only part of the equation – you want experts who specialize in Full Stack WordPress Development and see the bigger picture of connecting your mission with audience reach. That’s where Beyond Bracket shines.

Don’t settle for narrow WordPress shops or massive, impersonal agencies. As Bangladesh’s premier web-building team for savvy startups, Beyond Bracket delivers web platforms that convert visitors into a community.

Still Not Convinced WordPress is the Right Fit? 

Still Not Convinced WordPress is the Right Fit? 

More Flexible than You Think Over 55,000 plugins and thousands of themes provide endless options to customize WordPress sites to specific business needs. No need for complex custom coding in many cases.

In Great Company From hobby blogs to Fortune 500 companies, WordPress powers over 455 million websites globally across diverse industries including The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, Forbes, and more.

Speed + Savings Optimized WordPress sites run 2x faster than custom PHP+MySQL coded sites on average. Also much cheaper to create using existing plugins vs custom development.

Mobile Magic Over 50% of web traffic is via mobile devices now. WordPress offers great mobile optimization and site management apps out of the box – key for modern sites.

Build Once, Use Everywhere Create cross-platform experiences, reusing content across the web, mobile, and even emerging platforms using WordPress as a content hub.

Global Reach WordPress sites can handle traffic in 200+ countries out of the box. It offers 100+ language options for localization and translations using plugins.

Secure Sharing A robust roles and permissions system allows collaboration between teams of editors, writers, marketers, etc. while protecting sensitive content.

Future Proof Open source with a vast developer pool constantly improving and extending functionality. Sites stay current via automatic WordPress updates.

The open API and plugin architecture make WordPress customizable in nearly endless ways, disrupting expectations of what it can power. Still skeptical? Just ask the 38% of the web running on it with great success!

The Bottom Line

WordPress has rapidly emerged as the world’s most popular website platform, now powering over 43% of all sites globally. Riding this immense growth, Bangladesh has cultivated a skilled community of over 15,000 developers catering to booming local demand for quality and affordable WordPress solutions.

As highlighted, Beyond Bracket stands at the forefront of this thriving industry as Bangladesh’s most renowned agency specializing in delivering exceptional yet budget-friendly WordPress sites tailored specifically to each client’s individual needs. Their full-service model encompasses not just development, but critical guidance on web strategy, design, marketing, and ongoing optimization.

For any Bangladesh-based company seeking an intuitive and user-friendly web presence that drives business results without breaking the bank, Beyond Bracket remains the premier choice. Their rare blend of WordPress prowess and personalized service makes them the perfect partner to fuel your online vision. To bring your digital goals within reach, trust the experts at the leading edge of the nation’s WordPress revolution.

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