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WooCommerce App Development In Bangladesh

WooCommerce App Development In Bangladesh : The Best Quality Service

A number of online business websites are run by the collaboration of WooCommerce and WordPress worldwide. WooCommerce is getting popular day by day for E-Commerce websites in Bangladesh as well. Interestingly, 30% of the E-Commerce websites are powered, organized, and constructed by WooCommerce. Business owners of today’s technological age are not only concerned with the website’s structure and function, but also interested in the app development for their sites.  

As a result, app development for the WooCommerce sites can contribute to the owners profit-margin, business growth, and customer reach by the addition of the use of latest technology. In 2021, almost 60% of the world’s population used smartphones. Significantly the rate goes higher in the developing as well as developed countries over the last few years even BangladeshReport saying 62% Bangladeshi users to have smartphones by 2025 Even my opinion It will be more hire, and I know you will also agree with me if you are staying in Bangladesh.

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Smartphone apps remarkably play a key role in the usage as users spend most of their time using apps rather than using social media, gaming, or other activities. 

90% of the users time is spent in the apps, where 78% people prefer to use their mobile phone apps instead of using mobile browsers. Recent studies show that people use smartphones at least 4 hours a day. In 2021, there were about 3.48 million apps available in Android playstore when 2.22 million apps are available in iOS. 

Arguably, WooCommerce app development is a must to survive in the competitive world of business incorporating WooCommerce. App development is not a piece of cake for the beginners. Thus, it requires an expert who can convert a WooCommerce site into a perfectly desirable mobile app.

How do you convert your WooCommerce Site into an App?

A skilled app developer can professionally convert a WooCommerce site into an active application.

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The first step to convert a desired WooCommerce site into an application is to hire a skilled, experienced, and friendly developer. The user as well as the developer should consider the below constructive mechanisms while converting the WooCommerce site into an app:

  • Choosing the platform is important. The platform can be android, iOS, or cross-platform. Each option relies heavily on development performance, maintenance, and time.
  • Design for the app interface ensures UI (User Interface), and UX (User Experience). Mobile specific designs, layouts, and touch-friendly interaction can be prioritized.
  • WooCommerce functionalities can be incorporated with apps. Listing of products, cart management, user authentication, checkout process, payment gateways integration, tracking of order, and even push notifications from the WooCommerce site can easily be incorporated in apps..
  • Appropriate tools and technologies can be used to develop the app which is a subject to testing. Functionality, performance, and compatibility should be justified. 
  • The application must be optimized for performance-based. Smooth navigation, and flexible user experience should be there by improving load times, reducing image sizes, and implementing caching mechanisms. 
  • Analytics, such as user engagement, monitoring app performance, and insights about user behavior can be implemented for developmental improvement.
  • The app can be processed and reviewed in the respective app store. Necessary information might be provided to the authority for the justification of the application.
  • Promotional activities should be implemented. Due to that, social media, and other digital forms of communication can easily be used. Promotion can include incentives, like discounts and rewards. 
  • Active Monitoring, and keeping the app up to date is necessary. 

The continuous collaboration between WooCommerce site and app’s updates can lead to a successful business oriented application. 

WooCommerce App Builders

Someone might have difficulties managing his/her WooCommerce websites for businesses, for example you might have a mobile phone available to you though you do not have easy access to your laptop or pc. However, using mobile apps can be an instant solution. 

An online software tool is known as an app builder which makes it simple for store owners to construct and release mobile apps on the App Store or Google Play Store. A WooCommerce app builder will make the path easy. The idea of WooCommerce mobile apps is relatively new. However, WooCommerce app development is a must to consider for the business with actual growth. App builders can offer stress free, completely organizational, and fully customizable outcomes which keep the business up to date. As a result,  buyers will engage more, and connect to the business resulting in the boost up of sales.

App development for WooCommerce requires strong programming knowledge as the learning curve is quite high. Programming language expertise, such as experience on Java, and Swift is a necessity. If you have a budget,a professional app builder can save your time with a reasonable budget. 

There are two options while developing an app for WooCommerce. First option is to explore individually using different app builders though it requires more complex processes along with more time consumption. The second option is to hire a trained app developer who offers not only flexibility, but also improved productivity. 

WooCommerce App Builders

Core Functions of App Development

A user-friendly WooCommerce app development requires important core functions. The functions operate during the different stages of the development.

The purpose as well as the needs can be understood properly at the very beginning of the project to determine the requirement for the app development. Visually appealing UI can ensure smooth UX as wireframing, prototyping, and user testing is important. 

Fronted, and backend development plays a vital role. Fronted development explains building the client-side aspects of the application. Fronted development involves programming languages, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and it uses frameworks, like Angular, React, and Vue.js. Server related logic, databases, APIs and other backend development functions are required for a smooth app. Backend development requires proper understanding of programming languages, such as Python, Java, and PHP. Notably,  backend development needs professional knowledge about frameworks, such as Django, Spring Boot, and Express.js. 

Designing, implementing, and managing databases can be key to store and retrieve application data efficiently. As a result, appropriate database systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or Firebase should be implemented.

Providing security measures to protect the application, and its users from potential threats, including data encryption, authentication, authorization, secure communication protocols, and regular security audits plays a vital role.

Finding and correcting defects and making sure the application satisfies quality requirements through the use of a variety of testing techniques, such as unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, performance testing, and user acceptability testing (UAT).

Setting up server environments, CI/CD pipelines, deployment processes, and deployment management are all involved in deploying the application to production servers or app stores.

To keep the application current and functional, it is necessary to release updates and patches, monitor application performance, examine user comments, find and fix problems, and provide continuing maintenance and finally support.

Throughout the development lifecycle, keeping open lines of communication with team members, stakeholders, and end users while documenting the app’s architecture, codebase, APIs, and processes for future reference are viable in the core requirements of the app development.

Collaboration between different functions at different times of the app development can ensure a high quality as well as a successful application. 

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Significance of App Development for WooCommerce

Online shopping through apps is more preferable to the customers because of the ease of use along with the comfortability it provides. App development for WooCommerce is an urgent call for this modern age for the below reasons- 

  • improves user experience- streamlines and intuitive experience – higher engagement –  increased sales. 
  • push notification – direct to user device – informing about what is going on – improving engagement.
  • offline access- certain features – browse products/save information – useful in regions with poor internet connection.
  • customization and personalization – device specific data – location or usage patterns – experience for users – higher conversation rates and customer satisfaction.
  • integrating features of the device – camera, gps, biometrics, AR, and many more – localization based offers – easy logging methods. 
  • faster load times – easy to access.
  • making brand presence known – strengthening brand presence – hooking more customers.
  • competitive advantage – adds something different than others.
  • easy access to payment systems – secured payment information – higher conversation rater – reduced cart abandonment. 
  • business analytics, insights, and gradual Development – user behavior, preference, and interaction – optimizing market strategy.

Investing in WooCommerce app development, or hiring an expert can highly influence WooCommerce business from user engagement to the maintaining of competitiveness in the market. 

Significance of App Development for WooCommerce

Measurement for the Best WooCommerce App Development 

A proper app development requires both expertise, and experience. It needs a highly skilled professional to convert someone’s concepts into a mechanism in app development for the WooCommerce sites. Below are some of the considering factors clarifying the best app development characteristics for WooCommerce-

  • Cross-Platform Connectivity
  • User Security and Authentication
  • Offline Modification
  • Customization and Personalization
  • Push Notification
  • Social Media Collaboration
  • Reporting on the basis of Analytics
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Optimization of Performance and Scalability 
  •  AR, VR, AI integration
  • Time and budget friendly 

Notably, other factors, such as individual preference for customization, and developer’s capability to understand the client’s point of view play an important role while considering a top notch application developer.

How Can Beyond Bracket (Means We) Help You for Developing WooCommerce App?

In this diverse world of business, it is difficult to find a reliable app developer for application development. However, Beyond Bracket is a trusted authority who has been serving in the field ensuring both reputation and satisfaction. 

How Can Beyond Bracket Help for WooCommerce App Development?

They use professional technologies, like React, Swift, Flutter, Java etc for application development. Interestingly, they are experts in serving in the WooCommerce app development industries in Bangladesh from E-Commerce to local business operations. They can understand client’s needs so that they can develop a robust, user centric, and frictionless Android, or iOS mobile application. To add more, Offshore Agency Tech & Digital  can develop beautiful and responsive applications which will be fast, user friendly, and native. Surprisingly, they offer affordable as well as competitive prices. Why should you chose Beyond Bracket for apps development-

  • visually unique to surpass beyond the market competition
  • ensures quality and functionality
  • more audience and increased conversation
  • compatible with all devices 
  • native, web, and hybrid in nature
  • SEO optimized 
  • lifetime operating system management 

Beyond Bracket is just one call away for making the perfectly modified dream app of yours. Book a meeting for free consultation. Visit Offshore Agency Tech & Digital. 

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